• Diagnostics
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Tank Water Heaters
  •  Broken water mains
  • NO SEWER and DRAIN Cleaning
  • Faucets, toilets, shower repairs
  • Shower valves, gas piping, outdoor BBQs



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Semi-retired PLUMBING CONTRACTOR         Established  1974             License # 357166

Formerly Marc Brenner Company

Serving the East Bay communities of Lamorinda since 1974



Marc Brenner uses 42 years of experience to provide best practices and results.



Office:  925 283-3408

Mobile and text:  510 508-7713

Service call is $250.

Repair rate is $250.per hour.

Diagnostic consultation $200.


Personalized attention to detail. 

When you call, you will be speaking to Marc, directly.

Marc Brenner is semi-retired. Works on difficult, challenging repairs for homeowners.

From a Yelp Review:

“Can I give more than 5 stars?  

Marc just saved me $2600!  My very expensive bathtub faucet was leaking so I brought in a rival plumber (I won't name names) to figure out the problem and fix.  This other plumber said that the entire faucet/valve needed to be replaced ($1200) and the labor charge to fix the issue was another $1400.  It was going to take 2 plumbers 7 hours to do the work. This seemed outragous to me, but then again I'm not a plumber.  

I was going to hire this other plumber when I figured a 2nd opinion might be prudent.  I then called in Marc, who did some quick internet research, came over twice, took the faucet apart, replaced a $0.90 washer, put it back together again and less than 45 minutes later, voila...the faucet does not leek anymore.  Seriously, this guy is awesome.    I will never, ever call another plumber again.  Thanks Marc!!!!!

We enjoy plumbing and it shows. 

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